End of the application period /

Monday, 31st August 2020

Beginning of the application period /
Wednesday,1st July 2020

Prize-awarding ceremony /
Thursday,5st November 2020

For Inquiries /
h concept Design Competition Executive Office
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What is the h concept DESIGN COMPETITION?

Striving to put creators, innovators, and consumers first.

h concept (ash concept) started up in 2002 as a company wanting to put a smile on faces around the world through the medium of creation.
The “h” in h concept stands for “hello,” “happy,” “haha” – you get the idea; words that we believe are very important.
Our designs were made to bring color and joy into everyday life,
with some of our first commercial products including Animal Rubber band, Caomaru, Splash, Cupmen, and Kaze guru ma.

Put a smile on someone’s face.
We are holding a contest for the best retail product design.
Your submission should be something that can bring a little smile to someone’s face throughout the day.
It does not have to be an essential item, but something that makes life a little more fun with it around.
We are looking for something that encourages conversation, eases the soul, and has the potential to stay with its owner for quite some time.
The product would be featured by h concept’s own KONCENT, and internationally in museum shops and other selected stores.
Send your message to the world.

What are we looking for?

Love at first sight

Your heart stolen the moment you lay eyes on it.
We can experience it in an object’s shape or beauty; in its thoughtfulness or gentleness; in its whimsicality or kindness.
There are many reasons why we fall in love with a particular object. We believe in the instant spark of interest when coming in contact with that certain something, whether because of its form, function, concept, or backstory.
We are looking for an everyday design that can create that “love at first sight” feeling.

Application period

Wednesday,1st July 2020 to Monday,31st August 2020
(requisite arrival)

Listing fee

1,500 yen per work


First prize : (1 prize) 

300,000 yen

Award of excellence : (2 prizes)

150,000 yen

* Royalties will be paid after confirmation of the commercialisation for the works and their respective sales
* Special prizes may be awarded


Judging Committee Facilitator

Mirei Takahashi

Mirei Takahashi

Design journalist


Minako Nakaoka

Creative director


Yasushi Yamazaki

Board Member 


Hiromi Yamashita

MoMA Division
Branding / Creative Director


Hideyoshi Nagoya

h concept
Design Producer

Judging Committee Facilitator


Kazuya Shimokawa

Ideas & Crafts Lab.
Design Producer and journalist