Mirei Takahashi

Mirei Takahashi
Design journalist

Graduated from Tama Art University and, after gaining some industry experience, finished a Master Design course at Milano’s Domus Academy. Currently a freelancer studying designs from across the world while writing and editing books, magazines, and web posts. Collaborated with Sotaro Miyagi to design TsunTsun (soapdish) via +d, a brand line by h concept.
Honorary lecturer at Tama Art University.


Minako Nakaoka
CEO and Creative director

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music in pursuit of creating designs to be heard. Following her tenure at an advertising agency as a Producer’s Assistant, joined Draft Inc. in 1995 as a developer of the in-house brand D-BROS. Responsibilities included everything from creation to marketing channel strategy. Began broadening horizons by reaching out to other companies’ brand product development teams in 2010. Founded the design-focused company MIRACLE in August 2019. Currently supporting general contractors, editing newspapers, and acting as a design consultant for food products and everyday items.


Yasushi Yamazaki
JDN  Co. Ltd.
Board Member

Born in Hokkaido. Began working at Tanseisha due to a love of design. Collaborated on the formation of design-orientated information site JDN (Japan Design Net) in 1997. Turned “Tou Ryu Mon” and “Design no Oshigoto (Work in Design)” into functioning businesses and now oversees the planning of their contests. Utilizes past editor-in-chief experience in current position. Enjoys playing saxophone.


Hiromi Yamashita
LOFT Co. Ltd.
MoMA Division
Branding / Creative Director

Graduated from Musashino Art University – Junior College of Art and Design with a degree in Design. Worked at Seibu (now Seibu Sogo) in product development. After transferring to Otto (now Otto Japan), worked as a director for buying and development, using the position as a platform to reach an international market. After a stint at North American company Spiegel as trend manager, returned to Japan to work at the SANYO Electric Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Panasonic) as a new business advisor. Succeeded at bringing together MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art – in New York with SANYO. In 2003 and 2007, created MoMA’s online store and opened a branch in Omotesando, Tokyo, respectfully. Since then, has worked as MoMA’s branding manager for Japan.


Hideyoshi Nagoya
h concept CEO and Design Producer

Graduate of Musashino Art University, Callege of Art and Design , Hideyoshi Nagoya started to work in the Advertising Department in Takashimaya, and for Marna Co. Ltd. as managing director and planning office director , being responsible for management, product development, product marketing and design strategy. He previously worked as a design assistant under the direction of the designer PER SCHMØLCHER. In 2002, he established h concept. He aims to create products that can be appreciated not only by designers, but also by consumers, and offer +d, a collaboration brand with designers, to the world. He handles various consulting services such as Design Consulting, Japan Brand, and Local Industry Promotion Consulting.

Judging Committee Facilitator


Kazuya Shimokawa
Ideas & Crafts Lab.
CEO, Design Producer and journalist

Graduate of Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics, Kazuya Shimokawa joined Nikkei McGraw-Hill, Inc.(currently Nikkei Business Publications. Inc). He was appointed NIKKEI EVENT editor and NIKKEI STORE DESIGN editor before being appointed NIKKEI DESIGN in 1994. In 1999, he was appointed associate editor and he has been chief editor since 2008. In 2014, he resigned Nikkei BP to establish Ideas & Crafts Lab. He was the business director for the 400 years Arita ware foundation in Saga Prefecture  and chairperson for the ARITA VALUE CREATION LABORATORY from 2014 to 2016. In 2016, he was a support member in the LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT.