Application FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I submit several works?
The number of submissions is unlimited. In the event of submitting more than one work, please purchase 1 listing fee ticket (1,500 yen) for each work and register each submission separately.
 * Proposals of size, colour, and series under the same concept should be compiled into one work.


Can I enclose other materials besides the work sheet such as models and supplements?
Please indicate all the necessary information in one written application and do not enclose any materials or supplements. Furthermore, please do not fold or roll the written application.


Can I submit works submitted to other competitions that did not win any awards?
Submissions are limited to unreleased works. Works that have been previously submitted are not eligible for this competition.
* Submissions deemed to have been previously released may be cancelled regardless of the results of the judging committee.


Can students and minors participate in this competition?
 Yes. However, parental permission is required for award-winning minors.

Registration FAQ

Do I have to register each work separately when submitting several works?
Yes. Please purchase one listing fee ticket for each submission and register each work separately.


Listing fee ticket purchase FAQ

How do I register?
Registration is done at the time of purchase of the listing fee ticket.

You can register from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

  1. Access Peatix in the h concept DESIGN COMPETITION page.
  2. Click "GET TICKET". Payment can be made with various credit cards, at convenience stores, ATMs (pay easy), and PayPal.
  3. Create a Peatix account or login to Peatix from a Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.
  4.  Please read the following information about the payment process.
    * No commissions will be charged other than the ticket price.
    * Purchases on mobiles phones other than smart phones are not supported.
    * Applications by phone or e-mail are not accepted.
  5. Fill out the required fields in the entry form and click "Confirm your application".
    Confirm the information you inputted and click "GET TICKET". The submission for your work is now complete.

Do you issue receipts?
The format of the receipts varies according to the payment method. Please read the following information for details.

Credit Card
The usage statement and debit statement sent by your credit card company serves as the receipt. Please use this.

Convenience stores / ATM
Please use the receipt issued by the convenience store or ATM.

Please use the receipt data PDF file if you are unable to use the abovementioned receipts due to lack of information. You can download the receipt data PDF file from the application link included in the email.

I mistakenly purchased the listing fee ticket. How can I cancel?
Please inform us about the details of your cancellation following the steps below.

  1. Login into the account used for the purchase of the tickets and access your Ticket overview page: http://peatix.com/dashboard.
  2. From the Tickets page, please click "Contact Organizer".
  3. Select the subject "Cancelation, changing of ticket", and enter your cancelation request.
    Click "Submit" to send your cancelation request to the event organizer.
    The reply from the organizer will be delivered to your Peatix inbox and forwarded to your registered email address.

What currency is used for the listing fee ticket when applying from overseas?
The currency used is the yen. Please use a credit card.
The currency will be converted by the exchange rate of the credit card company and the account charged.

Announcement of results FAQ


How will the results be announced?
The results will be announced in mid-September 2017 (according to the schedule) on the h concept DESIGN COMPETITION website. In addition, the winner will be notified directly by the office in mid-August and guide you to the prize-awarding ceremony held on Saturday, 9th September 2017.