What is the h concept DESIGN COMPETITION?

Cherishing creators, their creations, and its users.

h concept was founded in 2002 with the mission to contribute to a better world through craftsmanship. With 2017 marking its 15th anniversary, starting with the creation of Animal Rubber Band and many other products after that we have brought great pleasure and enjoyment to so many people. This year, we will hold a design competition to celebrate our 15th anniversary with the aim to commercialise award-winning works. h concept is a craftsmanship platform and directly manages KONCENT stores in Japan and overseas. Would you like to join us in our mission to bring joy to our users? We are looking forward to your application.




What are we looking for?

Living ware that brings joy to daily life

Application period

Saturday, 1st April 2017  to Monday, 31st July 2017
(requisite arrival)

Listing fee

1,500 yen per work

* Purchase one ticket for each work submitted in case you submit several works
* Proposals of size, colour, and series under the same concept should be compiled into one work


First prize : (1 prize) 
300,000 yen

Award of excellence : (3 prizes)    
150,000  yen

* Royalties will be paid after confirmation of the commercialisation for the works and their respective sales
* Special prizes may be awarded


Takayuki Ando

Pen Chief Editor

Katsutoshi Ishibashi

AXIS Chief Editor

Yuji Hanazawa


Shigenori Hamaguchi

ELLE DECOR Chief Editor

Yasushi Yamazaki

JDN Co. Ltd. Board Member and Brand Director

Hideyoshi Nagoya

h concept CEO Design Producer



MAU DESIGN COMPETITION was the name chosen for the 2017 DESIGN COMPETITION held by h concept.
Follow this link  to find out more information about the prizes awarded in previous competitions.